I’m sick of Brett Favre

Every time I open up ESPN.com there Mr. Favre is there just staring at me, and you know what I’m sick of it. Where do I begin…

Well I guess it started last winter. A friendly drink at a bar turned into a race to see who could name all of the NFL teams the fastest. Sure, no problem. Once I moved out of the NY teams, of which I know there are at least two of them (tell me a reason to like the Jets-note Blog title here), it was quickly apparent that this girl/football-coach’s-girlfriend/college athlete/American citizen knew relatively nothing about football. And so we went to something a little closer to home, basketball…results were similar. Baseball, I knew A-Rod played for the rangers and has moved on to bigger and better things, and that’s the extent of my knowledge.
So whatever, I lost every contest. But then something happened. I started realizing that I wasn’t exactly “participating” in the office conversations. ESPN.com? huh? I’ll read the occasional Bill Simmons article, just to support a fellow HC alum, but that’s about it. Or I guess when Paul Shirley somehow brings his blog back, I’ll definitely read that. To summarize, not only was I disappointing myself in front of the big coach boyfriend and serious sports girl roommate, I was not going to be able to win the office fantasy football (or be taken seriously in the draft!) And I mean win. I don’t join competitions to make friends.
Which brings me to why Brett Favre annoys me. I’ve proactively forced myself to check ESPN.com on a daily basis. 10:30 and 3:30 my Outlook appointment book reminds me to check. Although, at this point I’m considering removing that recurrence. Here’s why:
  • Brett’s need for attention can be equated to Jon Gosselin, most people don’t want to talk about it anymore because you just think about little Aaden.
  • Brett actually had a strong fan base in Wisconsin and screwed them. I know this. My sister-in-law is from Wisconsin. Until she met my hoops-crazed brother, her interest in sports, excuse me- professional sports, was almost less than mine. But I actually heard her bet my father an apple pie that the Packers would beat the Giants in the 2008 playoffs. Something is telling me that that particular game was more than just a playoff, but I’m a work in progress. Anyways, her betting my dad a pie made me think there must be something special about those Packers.
  • 2008, he retires. Wait, hold on, what? He’s back? No way!! He did! He did! He’s going to play for the J-E-T-S! not the giants, don’t care
  • 2009, he retires. Wait, hold on, okay this time I really don’t care. I don’t even remember the name of the team he’s playing for.
I can understand the love for the game. I don’t expect anyone to give that up. And I suppose if you are still able-bodied and could make millions of dollars doing something you love, you probably shouldn’t give that up either. My issue is the drama. Then again, when you get to a certain level of fame you can’t help but squeeze the opportunity for just little more time in front of the camera, I would know. After getting a little taste of the Worcester Sports Show on cable channel 3 (sorry if you missed it, it only airs 2 AM on Tuesdays), I was hooked. It seems as if this writer has a shift in opinion, maybe Brett’s life choices aren’t so bad.
Yeah, I guess that’s right. I don’t care if you keep playing, its hard to stop. You miss the camaraderie, the fans, the focus, and the money… ohhh the money… it sucks, let me tell you. But could you get off of my new homepage?

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  1. I think I know who you are and have to believe you are more sports savvy than you portray.

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