Football in Texas is bigger than Catholicism in Rome

…says the bartender at sibling rivalry. He was from Atlanta, Georgia- a bulldog fan, and he was trying to win a good tip from the Austin, TX native customer. I think it worked. The two of them, bartender and customer, were going over their college football pics. It killed me, I actually read Sports Illustrated this past week. In fact, two Sports Illustrateds were purchased on my behalf. One was the story of Marc Bouncotti (sp?), which provided the scariest scenario possible of football injuries (thumbs down from me), the other issue -that I didn’t read- was the top 20 college football teams. If only I had read the hard facts instead of the human interest story, I could have provided some great insights to these men at the bar. I guess there’s always next time. But even having these two SI issues on my desk has started quite a few conversations.

(I guess I should mention how I made my presence known at the bar: The bartender looks around and says, “everyone okay with football?” and we all nod. The Austin-er’s date said, “oh who’s playing” and I immediately said “We’re playing the Ravens”. This was the wrong answer for the following reasons:
  1. The “we” implies I am a fan of someone other than the Giants? or Steelers? (ha!)
  2. That I know who the Ravens are playing
  3. The amount of conviction in my tone when saying this was way out of proportion.
Fantasy football live draft Tuesday the 1st at 8. I’ll keep you updated!

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