Fenway: Take Two

By matter of sheer luck, or perhaps her PCG guru-like qualities, my friend Whitney was handed four tickets in the State Street Pavilion at Fenway Park for Sunday’s game vs the Tampa Bay Rays. And by matter of shear ignorance, she invited me (thank goodness there were two other tickets/diversions for us). Whitney, a MA native, has a heartfelt passion for the Red Sox and even knew the person who was being honored to throw out the first pitch! The others in our group had varying levels of interest in the Red Sox, but we all knew enough to appreciate the seats and the game– more on that to follow.
Flashback to my first game at Fenway; 4 tickets in the bleachers, no leg room, binoculars would have been nice, and the edginess of sitting between rowdy Sox fans and my Yankee-loving father made the whole thing nerve-wracking.
Flashback to my first game at Fenway, the evil stare and mean looks from my Dad (and

apparently others, as evidenced by the fan in the upper left of this picture) as I managed to talk and reminisce throughout the entire game.
Flashback to my first game at Fenway, finding myself subconsciously clapping and chanting for the Red Sox while routing for the Yankees. (Not the thing to do)
Now I say I’m no expert, but, I sure do know how to learn from the past. After the 6th inning, I realized I wasn’t watching the game, so my friends gave me a few tips to keep me “engaged” in the game:
  • I can identify the speed of the pitch
  • I can now “score” a baseball game
  • I can name 3 NFL teams that start with and “R” in effort to say who the Giants were playing Sunday afternoon.
All in all it was a great afternoon at Fenway park. The red sox won, we got free popcorn, were up on the big screen for “Sweet Caroline”, and peanuts and laughs were had by all. My only complaint is that my good karma for giving a t-shirt that I caught at the HC vs. Sacred Heart football game to a little kid did not pay off— no foul balls came our way, good thing I suppose…..


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2 responses to “Fenway: Take Two

  1. How do you identify the speed of the pitch and "score" a baseball game?

  2. Ahem…when's the next post?

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