Today we went to Panera for lunch, not too “Boston” or very original for that matter…but we got absolutely POURED on walking (excuse me running) back to the office. So much for a decent hair day! I did ponder the debate on whether you get more wet running or walking. We did reach a consensus that the worst situation is running in a group, because then you get the kick back water from those you’re running with. But once that rain started coming down- theories to the wind, we all booked it.

So after yesterday’s killer workout….1.5 miles, killer sprints on the crazy elliptical then another 30 minutes of cardio with some push ups in between…. I thought I’d take it a little bit easier on my body today.

Today’s workout:
30 minutes walking at 50% incline – 4.3 pace
Basketball game in a middle school gym, aka sauna. aka Drenched times 2.

Goals for this week:
1. 203 on Wednesday morning
2. no eating after 9
3. finish my projects at work!

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