Today was a Basketball tournament at Roxbury Community College. We lost both games, which some may see as “embarassing” but it actually was a blast. Makes me think how lucky I was to have basketball in my life… I’m sure many other people feel the same about their passion!!

Since the tournament I have: walked around the South End for a couple hours, went to the salon for about an hour and half… why doesn’t anyone say just how much bikini waxes HURT? omg. but worth the pain because all next week I’ll be on the Jersey Shore (cue thumping techno). Really looking forward to some QT with the coach. I haven’t even given much thought that after this week i really won’t see Bill for a while (camp starts on the 7th) then its bye bye Billy…. had to say it! I also spent about an hour at Nordstrom Rack which is amazing, searching for some shoes and clothes for a few things coming up this week :-) won’t give anything away.

Things I’m really thankful for:
Holy Cross

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