Philadelphia Day 1

Drove to Philadelphia…. had a fantastic meeting with some people…..

But to the important part:
Had lunch at the College Corner- turkey sandwich on rye, not particularly good but not bad either
Checked into the Alexander Inn in Center City. This hotel was just great. I believe it is advertised as Bed and Breakfast. Its a little hotel right on the corner of 12th and Spruce streets. Just so cute and had everything we needed. Right around the corner on Spruce Street to Garce Trading Co. This unique restaurant was in the middle of gourmet cheese and wine shop. Mostly Italian food was served and it was BYOB (the convenience of having the wine store on location is not to go overlooked!)

We started with a Chef’s choice of Cheese plate. I love cheese and the selection included things to accompany each of the selections. One was a honey to accompany the provolone, Bill hated it and I loved it– it was like eating the worst morning breath– I really have no idea why I liked it so much! For entrees, Bill had the “Deconstructed Carbonara” and I had a pizza with prosciutto. Yum!! Of course it didn’t hurt we had 2 bottles of wine….:-) Finished the night with a bite of a Chocolate Mousse Bomb.

I highly recommend the restaurant, service was excellent and the food was well prepared and tasty! I also can not wait to get back to that area to explore a bit more. It seemed that there were many coffee shops/eateries that Bill would say are right in my “wheelhouse’.

Now on our way back today…Bill won a tshirt for eating an entire thin crust pizza from Pete and Elda’s. The pizza was incredibly thin, so I’m not sure if it really deserved the tshirt (I’m not saying this to sell out Bill by any means, but to feel a little bit better of the fact that I had to watch eat an entire pizza).

I will add pictures to these posts soon. didn’t bring the right chord with me to NJ.

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