More mac and cheese please!

What is it about Mac and Cheese that just tastes do damnnn good? Bill’s mom made some from scratch last night that was very tasty. I’m not opposed to the good ole’ Krafts or Auntie Annie’s Mac And Cheese either. It definitely brings you back to childhood.

After dinner last night we went to the Boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach. I was a little hesitant at first because the last time we were there, which was Memorial Day Weekend, we were overtaken by the crowd. It also happened to be Thursday night fireworks day which also meant that crowds were not on our side…however I was pleasantly mistaken. We had to walk to find a special bench for us, but once we did we weren’t moving!! I also got a frozen yogurt soft serve with peanut butter flavor burst. The sign said it only had 8 calories per ounce, which I’m wondering if the flavorburst itself was just 8 cal/oz. After a little investigation there are 10 calories per 1/6 oz of syrup, so I suppose that’s okay because only a little is in each serving. I guess the real question is what time of yogurt they are using for the main squeeze.

Breakfast this morning:
FiberOne cinnamon oh’s – flavorless and didn’t hurt my tummy too much!

Turkey sandwich
Pretzels– maybe a few too many

tortilla chips

pork chops a la Bill…not sure what will be in these!
peas :-)

cake made w/ diet coke…

This is definitely not “natural” eating day, most everything was processed. But it is winding down my last days of vacation.

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