Georgia Peaches

So I have officially passed 100 signs for Georgia Peaches and Pecans. Have I had one yet? Even though I love them both?? Nope!! Something is wrong with this picture. I’ve had myself quite the tour of Georgia and its not over yet. I did venture for a run at 6:00 this evening, thinking it would be a bit cooler than the day…which I suppose it was, but it had to be at least 95 degrees. I was sweating 45 minutes later!!

We are staying in Macon, which made me think of Bacon…which may or may not have influences my decision to order a chicken marsala with prosciutto for dinner. It wasn’t that great, but much better than what I had expected for this town. Lunch was a sandwich at “Which Wich?”. Again, not bad but I got a mess of avocado and vegetables on a wheat roll, so goal of not eating bread past breakfast is definitely a fail.

As I continue to struggle with giving this blog a theme, I guess I will touch upon some of my thoughts for the day:
*I find myself struck by the amount of poverty in rural Georgia, like nothing I’ve seen before
*SO often when we are in different places we look for everything so different from what we are used to. I keep saying to myself the people are different, the religion is different, the relations between the communities are different. Now then do I realize how much I am absolutey judging on first appearances. I have always tried to imagine arriving in Albany or Delmar through the eyes of someone who has never been there…would someone say “there is nothing here?” “what happens in this town?” “why is everyone standoff-ish?”
*Today was my mother’s birthday…all of my mom’s side of the family gathered in Higgins Beach, Maine for a reunion/party. Very jealous I coudn’t be there because it is one of my favorite summer/happy places.
* For a brief time either today or last night I contemplated applying for a PE teacher position
* I don’t feel like I’m really contributing much to my Summer Search group…going on two years of being a member and not a whole to show for it. Sometimes I think its because I don’t have enough time to devote to it, but I can’t imagine people have just endless amounts of time in comparison! I really have no other responsibilities besides myself…maybe I’m not managing my own time in the right way.
* Slightly overwhelmed about the next couple of weeks. Sunday I leave for Colorado and in the mean time have to evaluate health care reform in Britain! And I still need to be introduced to our system in Colorado.
* I have signed up to be in NYC on the 14th of August, camping on th 21st and I need to be out of my apartment on the 1st…YIKES!!!
* I think I can officially cross Georgia (at least Albany, GA) off my list of places to live during my life. Although I was disappointed I didn’t get signed on to the Savannah training, I want my mom to be there for that trip!!
* T-30 days till 10 lb loss!!!!!! Today did a HOT workout….ran around Mercer University and did intervals running some stairs. I can’t say for sure how much I ran, but I did get my heart rate going on the intervas, so I am pleased with that.

Till tomorrow..

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