Georgia Round Up

Even though I had plenty of time to blog on my 6 hour delay in Atlanta airport yesterday, I was a little wrapped up in some crazy project for work. But 3 AM I was snuggled up in my bed in Brighton. I was actually COLD in my bed… definitely not Georgia heat up here right now.

I didn’t get a chance to elaborate on my last night in Georgia, my trip to Athens. Oh my god. So there are a few things I love in life…. fresh fruit, historical places, and college athletics. (I mention the fresh fruit because I had the best peach of my life on the way to Athens!) We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn – Athens. It was right around the corner from the University of Georgia. I had no idea what a beautiful and historical campus UGA is, and boy was it a good surprise! I set out at around 6 to explore the area. I am estimating that it was at least 95 degrees outside when I went out for my walk. Let’s just say that by the end of my walk I was COMPLETELY drenched in sweat, and concerned that I had got sunburned at 6:30 PM!! Insane.

The buildings on the campus, were built in the early 1800s. There was a the first field were an intercollegiate football game took place. And then a place that commemorated the first two African-American students entering the school in 1961. It was just beautiful. Then, I made my way down to the Sanford Football Stadium. Pardon my repeating – oh. my. god. This place was HUGE. And lining the football fields were little boxwood bushes – giving truth to the phrase “playing between the hedges”. I quickly realized my goal of running a few wind sprints on the field were not happening, that field is the real deal!

Thursday night we asked the girls behind the front desk where to go for dinner and they suggested, The Last Resort Grill. Tainted by Dick’s Last Resort in Faneuil Hall, I was a little hesitant but the girls were sure that this would be a great meal. So Robert and I walked down the main street of Athens Downtown area to the restaurant. It had a cafe/bistro feel, quaint and almost french in atmosphere. They also had a cool chest that you could see all of the homemade desserts, Robert had spied a chocolate cake that we watched each and every last piece get served!! The bread was delicious, damn goal #1!!, and then I had a Salmon rubbed in Adobo served over a wild rice and KALE!! I ate all of the Kale, it just makes you feel good. And then Robert ended up ordering a slice of the German Chocolate Cake, which I had a bite of but wasn’t that impressed. It really was a delicious meal and the atmosphere made up for the not-so-great places and hassle of the trip.

My workouts for the week went a little like this:
Monday- nada
Tuesday- ran/walked 2.5 miles then 8 minutes of Patel Warm-Up and sit ups and push ups
Wednesday – I did probably a mile warm up around Mercer University then found some stairs to do sprints on… about 15 secs to get up all of the stairs and then about 45 minutes to come down and start again. In total – 35 minute workout
Thursday – 60 min walk around the Univ of Georgia Campus
Friday – Morning Workout : 5 minute warm up, .25 mile sprint, 25 squats – and I did this 4 times. It was quick and allowed me to NOT be late to breakfast!!

My eating on the trip was a little bit questionable, yesterday I had a little too much in the airport. Looking forward to a long run in this 75 degree weather up here.

Oatmeal, fruit and coffee

Sonic Grilled Chicken Salad
WhichWich Avocado Sandwich with chips
Zaxby’s Grilled Chicken House Salad
Cafe Marigold – Greek Salad w/ Grilled Chicken and a bite of a CROISSANT!!!

Atlanta Bread Company – Turkey Sand which and chips
Ray’s Seafood Grill – Sushi and Tuna Sashimi
Macon – Luigi’s Italian – Chicken Marsala
Athens – Adobo Salmon, rice, and Kale – and delicious baguette
Airport- Enchilada Soup and half veggie sandwich from Atlanta Bread Company and a cookie

Miscellaneous snacks:
Hershey’s Nuggets– Way too many of these but they kept me smiling for our clients!
Trail Mix –
Mrs. May’s Cashew Crunch
Peach, Peanuts
Chocolate flavored almonds

On to analyzing the UK and preparing for Colorado….

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