And the traveling continues….

Sunday we arrived in Durango, CO. This is in the southwest corner of the state– about 30 minutes from the “Four Corners”. It was a crazy day for me because I was not used to the time change. Let’s see dinner at 11:30 eastern time is not my thing!!! Adding the elevation, lets just say that I was feeling pretty good after 2 beers. (I’m a cheap date)

The town itself is really cute. A nice mix of tourism and real life outwest feel to it. I would definitely consider taking an outdoor vacation in that part of the woods. The only problem is you have to take a super small plane to get in and out of the world’s smallest airport (in my opinion). We were delayed so didn’t get back to my hotel room until 10. But my travel partner insisted we stay at a Marriott to get her rewards and I have to say, the bed was FABULOUS!!

Food for Monday:
Non Fat Latte
Toast, peanut butter and banana
mini scone
salad with bean salad and slice of wheat bread
1/2 cup of asparagus/lobster bisque
bite of chocolate cake
1/3 cup trail mix
1/2 scone
1/2 grilled chicken panini

15 min warm up
10 15 sec sprint 45 jog
5 minute cool down

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