Progress Report 1.0

So I started off this week with some pretty ambitious goals if you do recall. First off, how is it not weird to take pictures of the food you’re about to consume when you are in the company of others?? I have taken pictures of SOME of the food I’ve eated, especially the meals I have made, which has made me appreciate the styling and mindfulness in preparation– albeit pretty minute at this point. And then my other goal of no carbs– well I still haven’t had straight up bread, but I did have some tortilla chips and popcorn and beer! oops last night at the Red Sox game. I really didn’t NEED to have any of these things, and I did enjoy them. But overall not a major set back…now if I downed a Fenway Frank that would be a whole ‘nother story.

I have been making Green Monsters all 3 mornings of this week. They have been tasty and I do like the feeling I get starting my day on such a great nutritional footing.

And I have been using SparkPeople to track everything. I really like the program so far. As most of my experience has been with Weightwatchers, I find this site faster, more user friendly, and I really like the analysis they offer at any point in time. Still trying to figure out where I enter my weight though! Things can’t be perfect.

Today’s lunch is tomatoes stuffed with Tuna with humus and carrots on the side. Hope its good, seeing that it sat in the fridge all of yesterday!

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