21st post!

I read somewhere that 21 makes a habit. For me its a special number because I was born on the 21st so that’s got to mean something right? Anyways, my goal was to have atleast 21 posts before I tell anyone about this. And maybe some positive results first? Will have to reevaluate later.

But on this no-so-monumental post, I have a good feeling. Although I just had a sugar candy from our candy bowl at work, I’ve been making good choices. I have been running and eating whole foods. I have been drinking green monsters. I feel like I’m on the verge of creating a whole new, better, me.

This past weekend I drove home to bring a few things to store in my parents basement during my interim living situation. And due to this whole moving thing and changing time, I thought it might be good to collect all of the things that are really mine (mementos, awards, etc) and go through it all in hopes to throw away the excess. Well, easier said than done! Everything was just so awesome. So instead of the goal of 2 trashbags, I only filled one, but I did manage to sort through things and make a new organizer of my “things”.

Someday soon I will post of why stirring up memories from college are very bittersweet (as I’m sure most people’s are) and how it has effected my approach to a healthy life. Stay tuned!

Recap of this past weekends eats:
Saturday – omelet with american cheese over my mom’s tomatoes (amazing!)
Salad for lunch with hardboiled egg and turkey
A small slice of steak for dinner with corn on the cob and some baby potatoes.
Banana with nutella for dessert– I give all credit to my 5 year old neice who requires nutella to be in the house at all times, thanks Viv!

Sunday – poached eggs with tomatoes and american cheese, banana, peach. My dad was so impressed with how I made my eggs, he said I should take a picture- ha! (Really though, I should – see goal #1 from last week).
Lunch -was oatmeal – a little lame because my veggie burger turned into a hockey puck.
Dinner- was an assortment of items from Whole Foods. I tried a Spring Roll (which I normally love) and it was almost stale. The peanut sauce was good. I was also given large amounts of samples (seriously the guy behind the counter was feeding me, a little weird- yes). But the main entree was a salad with a bit of tuna from the cold bar. I bypassed a cookie and bread!

I also ran 3 miles Friday night, 6 on Saturday, and 3 in the rain on Sunday morning. HHH baby!

I read a very interesting article today it’s all about 20 somethings and what our deal is. Of course it really appeals to me being a sociology girl and all. Check it out!

Back later with pictures of tonight’s poached eggs! :-)

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