Apple Monster

Today I did something different to my Green Monster….4 days going strong!  I added my true love (sorry Bill), apples!!! yum.  It gave the green monster a GREENER look and a lighter taste.  That could also be because I swapped out my whey protein for the apple.  Two thumbs up from me.

My love for apples is strong, like real strong.  Actually now that I think about it it is almost creepy how much I like them!  When I was home last weekend I opened a note from my friend that had a whole newspaper page of apple recipes that she sent to me when I was still in school and she had graduated.  Along those same lines, I was given this device when I moved to Boston by another friend what was concerned of a few things:  1) I was going to start growing apple trees in my stomach because I came dangerously close to the core each and every time I ate an apple and 2) reduce any time with  a knife. 
Apple cutter extraordinaire

Anyways, Patty should know that the apple cutter extraordinaire has actually scarred my thumb because it is surprisingly not easy to remove cut apples from said apparatus.  (FAIL!)
Yesterday was an indulgent day (and my day off – usually happens).  Definitely exceeded my goals and had some carbs.  I do feel like I 85% of the time I was hungry so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  And for the first time in DAYS it is sunny out.  My energy feels through the roof so I’m going to run home from work today.
Happy Sunshine!!

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