The curse of the haircut

The fact of the matter is, you will never like a haircut if you’re not happy with yourself to begin with. You can not expect a stylist to trim 20lbs of weight off of you. There is no “shaping” haircut that will give you better cheekbones. Nope, not going to happen. I think I have been looking for that stylist, that magic cut that will make me feel beautiful. Some may say I’ve been even reckless with this search. Going from way long (in my standards) to super short while visiting Denver, scheduling new and unheard of hairdressers….perhaps there is a thin line between seeking the easy fix and not exactly putting in the whole effort to maintain a good look.

There are a few things I’ve learned over the years that make any appointment to the salon a little bit easier on yourself.

First, wear something nice to the salon. You want to feel confident and feel like you can take on the world when you’re out of there.

Put on make-up. Staring at yourself for an hour in the mirror can turn into flaw-pick special. Put on some make up, it helps prevent the post-shampoo wash out look that can make even Kim Kardashian look like Snow White.

Go in there with an idea of what you want. Work on vocalizing your goal for the haircut before hand and see if it makes sense to your girlfriends. Even better, bring pictures of 1)cuts you’ve seen that you like or 2) a previous cut that you want again. If you do not have a previous relationship with your stylist, it is important to make sure your ideas get out clear. Depending on the relationship you may “trust” your guy/girl in making some professional decisions with your hair.

Don’t let price be the only determining factor in choosing your salon. This goes both ways!

I’m a little torn about my haircut I received today at Marc Harris Salon. I can honestly say that I did not prepare as well as I wanted and my hair looked like ***t when I got there, so obviously she was going to try something different. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better about it!

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