Big Decisions!

How do you determine your next step?  Wouldn’t everyone like that answer?  What I’m realizing is its not necessarily one step that is going to get you there, its a series of steps- perhaps a few stumbles, but movement nonetheless, which will in their own quirky way show you what you need to see.

As someone who has truly tested the boundaries of a good listening friend and family and boyfriend, the tips in this New York Times article I find very useful for anyone who may be trying to figure out what their next step is.  That next step might be your first job out of school, leaving a job, changing career fields, or trying to climb your own personal ladder.

A few highlights: Intern or volunteer if you’re changing career paths or just beginning on one, ask your employer for tuition assistance, research potential career paths on the bureau of Labor Statistics.

The fact of the matter is, you are never going to know until you try.  So get yourself out there, express curiosity, and get outside of your comfort zone.  Changing anything isn’t easy, but the results will be worth it.

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