Toro Review

After a fantastically delicious meal at Toro, I am off to Philadelphia to see my boyfriend, then to Albany to see one of my very best friends for her birthday/boyfriend introduction!  I couldn’t be happier.

Just a few words about Toro…. We overly indulged with the food but sometimes you just need to do what is right.  We absolutely loved the Dates.  It was a date stuffed with a blue cheese of sorts and then wrapped in ham.  Out of this world.  The Paella was flavorful and beautifully presented.  and the corn!! I think if I had gone in the winter, I might have been more happy with the corn quite honestly.  I have been spoiled with really great corn so I actually thought the corn itself was a little weak– but when they put their sauce of heaven on it, you kind of leave those thoughts behind.

Here I go to start my 600 mile+ weekend.  Enjoy!

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