Studying and Eating Habits

This article, Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits questions exactly what a “good study habit” may be.  I find this pretty interesting because even though I did relatively well at all levels of my education, I’m not sure if I ever really had good study habits.  But maybe due to “loose” pressure on homework I actually created a very engaging environment for myself.  I had a few friends that went home from school and did their homework, no questions asked.  Now I’m not saying I didn’t do my homework, because I’m almost positive I did…but it wasn’t a “do-this-before-you-pass-go” type of situation.

For me, when I got home from school the first thing I did was find a snack. Preferably a snack that was 1) not stale, 2) a piece of fruit (I’ve always had a thing for apples), and 3)a real kid-like snack.  Unlike my friends’ houses where you might find: fruit snacks, potato chips, popcorn, or grapes– I’d have to say my treats were more of the cheese and crackers variety (that normally are paired with Dewars and Soda with a twist).  Don’t get me wrong, the girl found a way to eat, but this put said friends’ pantries on a pedestal, no something greater than a pedestal a freakin’ sink!!  And unfortunately this passion for other peoples foods, especially snacks something that always find a way to my plate.  This presents a challenge while I am sitting here in the palace of kid-snacks and my inner-7 year old wants some good pre-packaged treats, what’s a girl to do!?

My plan of attack:

  • no munching!
  • eat real dinners (thanks Molly)
  • plan and pack

So really what’s the point of this post you may ask?  The school year brings on changes, the Fall brings on changes, and I’m SO unbelievably ready for a change.  I really do have a great feeling about what’s to come and I need to set myself up for success.  Saw this today on


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