Reading Fall Festival 5K

I’m very proud of myself today.  I made a pretty last-minute decision to participate in a race in Reading, MA.  It was their first race to accompany the town’s fall festival.  Rain or shine, 5K, through historical neighborhoods…umm yeah sign me up!  This was the first time I’ve done any sort of race without my sister.  Even though my races were quite limited before, a handful of Friehofer’s Run for Women and the Troy Turkey Trot, they had always been with a partner.  I hadn’t really planned on doing this race but I needed something to do today that would be outside and get me running–jackpot!

I had a quite a few observations of the race day because it was really just me, and I arrived early to scope things out.  The race was sponsored by the local gym – Reading Athletic Club.  It was pretty clear to me that either the owner of the gym or one of the star trainers/instructors was in charge, she knew everyone!!  I wondered if she ever forgets people’s names…. Anyways, I felt a bit strange hanging out there by myself there were a few families and definite groups of people, and then the old guys stretching, and a handful of loners like myself.  I endured it though, tall awkwardness and all, and made it to the start line.

The race itself had some nice rolling hills that presented a little challenge and recovery.  The neighborhood was super cute, if I move to Reading I am definitely finding a place there.  Families were cheering (a few) and the weather was just cold enough to balance out the sweat so you felt very comfortable while running.

Throughout the race I pegged people who I wanted to pass.  This one girl I passed on a hill, not by much but I did pass her, and then she ended up passing me closer to the finish…still having a hard time letting that one go!  I ended up with a time of 24:39.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  5th in my age group out of 22.  At first I did think this was very impressive, but I realize that right now I’m in the under 25 age group, and there aren’t a whole lot of those around on a sunday morning in Reading, MA.

I’m hoping to run in the Lone Gull 10K next weekend.  It might be rough because I have the Harvard/HC football game Saturday night, but that is my goal.  It just occurred to me (duh) that these races could be my “games”.  I can schedule a lot in the fall while I’m around New England and get to know different areas and maybe even meet some people along the way, hey that would be nice!  I found this great website that tells you when and where races are in your area.

Dinner tonight was calzones.  We weren’t quite sure how to do it, but it was “roomates” goal to make them, so calzones it was.  My sister is actually really good at making calzones (sorry for the actually, M, but it’s the truth!)  So we called her for her expert opinion. Fun fact about dinner:  Vivi only likes cheese pizza, not calzones and I am a self-proclaimed dish-crazy-person.  God help ya B!

Now I’m reading “In Defense of Food” and stay tuned for tomorrow’s 50yrdthoughts post, I’m excited thinking about writing it!

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  1. Nice job with the race!

    oh and to answer your question, yes the spiralizer actually keeps the core separate as well!

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