To Marathon or to Half-Marathon

Technically speaking, according to Hal Higdon’s, I am a couple of weeks out from training for the Philadelphia Marathon.  Training for the half marathon is do-able, and I have a feeling I could do the full but it would be a lot.  Hm.  Not sure what to do here.  I know in my last post I was saying how you need to set yourself up for success, but now I just want something to be really really proud of myself for.  Is that crazy?

I mean 13.1 miles is totally something that I would feel very accomplished doing.  And I have never ever run that kind of distance, let alone raced that distance… but if there’s something more than the half than I want that!  I have charted my running for the past month, and I think I may be able to go back further if I try.  I’m going to run for a while tomorrow and then make the decision by 7 pm tomorrow night.  (The 7PM is a completely arbitrary time.)

Also big happenings tomorrow…it’s this guy’s birthday:

soon to be 6 year old


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2 responses to “To Marathon or to Half-Marathon

  1. Whatcha’ decide? I hope that you are going for what you really want to do, rather than what you “think you should do.”

    • Thanks for the advice! I was just looking up some alternative training plans for the marathon (as I’ve been running consistently but really need to up teh mileage to prepare for the race), and I’m going to do it!! Wow, I can’t believe I’m committing to this but I am so excited.

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