How does one become extraordinary?  Can someone tell me exactly where you begin?

In the past 2 months I have read daily about young women who seem to do it all, have it all and enjoy it all.  They have great relationships with family and friends, have either left their jobs to start their own business or are in a job they absolutely love, they do it all.  (It is important to note, that most of these stories are not about women with children, not that I have children, but this does allow for more self-reflection/interest time.  Also note that there are plenty of women with children that do seriously extraordinary things.  Um my sister?  Case in point.)

So thinking about this and what seems to be my unending conversation of what I want out of my career seems to present just one question, how do I become extraordinary?  And yes, I know that “extraordinary” is open to much interpretation.  To me it is having a true, real, and powerful impact on my environment and being known for it.  Is that bad?  I want to be recognized for things I do.  I do find validation in knowing that other people respect my work and would look to me as a resource or even an expert when it comes to certain subjects.  (If you have any ideas on what those certain subjects might be, please leave a comment.)

All self-centered criticisms aside, I do think everyone has a little bit of the above in them.  Who doesn’t want to leave a positive impact?  Some may be satisfied with setting Medicaid rates that is helping people, but for me, that’s just not enough.  I’ve realized, even though it’s been pretty apparent since 2nd grade, I like to help people.  Now the challenge is centering my daily work with this guiding principle.  I’ve got a few ideas that I will have to keep to myself at this point in time.

But still the question remains, how do I mold this into something that can bring in some dough?!  Girl needs money.  Girl needs a house and needs to pay for her car.  Who am I to say I don’t have enough time?  Things that are good take time, and they take hard work and effort, obviously.  – On a side note, each time I say “obviously” I think of it in the tone of —The Intruder Song—it makes saying obviously even more fun.  So, I did my MEYOUHEALTH challenge for the day and made my appointment for the aforementioned “idea”.  You don’t become EO over night, but maybe each day, each post, each run, each idea, each meal, each party, each blank canvas, each phone call, each race, each tailgate can be a step in becoming my own extraordinary woman.  Yes!

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