fro yo fro yeah!

As this blog is too young to say for sure, it is my (biased) opinion that the influence of my mother and sister will litter my posts.  This past weekend is no contradiction.

I drove home Saturday morning after a fun night out with my co-workers at the Boston Beer Garden.  Not that I find the need for reasons to drive home across the Pike, but the Fall foliage is stunning.  Saturday morning was a beautiful, blue-sky morning and I had some great views along good ole’ I-90.  Arriving home, I decided to join my sister, her kids, and my mom up in Saratoga for lunch.  We went to a usual suspect “The Circus Café”.  One of the more kid friendly, yet NOT cheesy, places in town.  My mom, sister and I kind of split two vegetable melts.  It was good, a little soggy, but did the trick.  We then walked up and down Broadway.  EM and KP were really good, especially for being dragged into art galleries and clothing stores where there was absolutely NO chance of them getting anything.  Perhaps it was this…

that kept them going?  Apparently Missy brought them in for a teaser taste before lunch, so all thoughts were consumed with exactly what toppings would cover their yogurt.

After selling a business proposition to the owner of Dandy something yogurt, we made our way to “Fleet Feet” in Colonie, NY.  Here, they measure your feet, watch your run/walk and determine what kind of sneaker will be the best fit! I made the realization that 1) I will NEVER walk around barefoot….I can’t afford to drop any of my arches! Yikes.  I am officially a….13.5 women’s size foot.  No wonder my 13s always hurt.  Surprising as it may be, 13.5 are incredibly hard to find.  2) ugh I have my dad’s feet.  Not the gross part, but the part where there’s pronation.  The sales girl actually said “Holy Pronation” when I walked barefoot across the floor.  Point taken.

Aside from feeling like the bodily owner of the feet of doom I had a lovely weekend:

  • new sneakers
  • toured the new Fresh Market and made cashew butter!

enjoyed cookout with my “NY family” seeing that now I live with family all of time (ahem, roommates)

  • Saturday Night Live Premier
  • 11.3 miles ran on Sunday!!!
  • Golf with my mom and friends after the run

How do you stay hydrated during long runs?  I had a major headache after my run, any tips?

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