Potato-Stamped Onesies

This summer was the summer of babies!  Between basketball alums and friends and family I think I know 9 people with little babes.  My sister had made potato-stamped onesies in the past and they are so adorable that we decided to make them again for our friends.  What do you mean by potato stamped?  Well we actually cut a sack of potatoes into different stamped shapes and created holiday themed prints on each onesie.  Here’s how we did it.

1. Buy potatoes – Missy suggested to get yellow potatoes and of course I panicked because there are tons of different kinds of potatoes.  We bought ours at Walmart.

2.  Determine how old your little babies will be at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We got a sampling of infant through 6-9 month-sized onesies.

3.  After pre-washing the onesies, they were ready to be stamped! We got out our box o’ paints

4.  Then you must cut the potatoes into the shapes needed: for a pumpkin we just sliced the potato in half and then carved out an eyes and a mouth.  For the turkey we made different size triangles to accompany a halved potato and long slices for legs.  The shapes won’t be perfect and that is okay – these are homemade after all!  Once the shapes are cut you dip and stamp.

(In the top corner you can see the little shapes we used to make the green stamps.)
5. And repeat…
This one was my favorite…
That’s it!  We gave each of our friends a pumpkin, turkey and penguin.  Missy used to have tin boxes to put them in as gifts, but we couldn’t find them anywhere.  What I used was a plain plastic paint can and decorated, similar to this, for my delivery.  I had the prints facing out and filled the inside with a little rattler toy and some tissue paper.
I’ve seen pictures of all of the little girls in them, so cute!! Do you have any other easy shape ideas?

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