Christmas Envy.


Apartment Therapy

It’s December 1st and as the holiday season shifts into full throttle, I need to mentally prepare myself for a little something I’m going to call “Christmas Decoration Envy” (CDE).   (Perhaps it’s really something more like having-my-own-space envy…)  There are a few factors that play into this new state of being.  One of them has been watching my sister-in-law decorate her home and be a part of it start to finish.  Watching ideas and magazine cutouts come to life is very, very cool.  Looking back, I definitely had minor symptoms of Thanksgiving decor envy.  I tried to contribute to the frenzy…buying things at HomeGoods, but now I know – leaving a random vase next to the kitchen cabinet does not a designer make.


And that was only the slight scratch in the throat to what has the potential for being a full-out swine flu that is Christmas.  It’s just a week past Thanksgiving and this house is done, with the exception of the tree, and looking quite beautiful I must say.  There’s not a room in the house that doesn’t have some element of holiday decor.  Then, everywhere I look online it’s DIY Wreaths, DIY Gifts, giveaways, art, kitchen appliances, make food gifts, you get the point.  I want to do all of these things.  I want to have my own tree, make my own stuff, reinstate Tuesday night art night,  make ornaments for people, you know really get into it and it’s really just not the right time or more importantly the right place.

Hooked on Houses


So with my C.D.E., I’m going to make Thursdays a special tribute to the holiday decorations that I’m seeing around the web.  3bittersweet will become my little decorated Christmas corner.



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