I teal it in my fingers

I do love myself some teal. I am always, always, always drawn to any shade of aqua, light blue-green, seafoam, turqoisey teal.  It even annoys me sometimes.  Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the water, or it has a soothing tone, whatever it is – I just can’t help myself.  The good thing is I’m aware of my infatuation so hopefully my house won’t turn into something like this…

or this one….



Here are some things I’ve found that cure my need for teal and Christmas all in one shot!  Subtle hints of winter in the top right picture below…

And this wreath from LLBean, a beachy Christmas feel.  It’s made out of sea glass, definitely a project you could commit too.  However, it may take a lifetime to collect that amount of blue sea glass – I believe brown is the most common found where we go….not so festive.

What a beautiful bedroom, makes you want to snuggle right in!

Teal Baubles.. love them!

Next Thursday will be some scenes from the streets.  Have a good one!

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One response to “I teal it in my fingers

  1. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog via Tina’s post today about MeYou Health’s fork challenge. I was hoping we could connect within Daily Challenge?

    Here’s a link to my profile:

    Also, I LOVE teal. It’s one of my favorite colors for home decor and accents. So gorgeous!

    Have a great day!

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