50yrdthoughts: Quarterfinals!

Go Nova!  Yesterday Villanova beat Stephen F. Austin! (I just was typing St. Francis of Assisi for some reason…guess the Catholic education paid off!)  It was an awesome game to watch, albeit on my computer, but the emotion of the game could be felt through it.  What the announcers and I (totes on the same page) noticed was the HUGE shift of momentum that happened halfway into the second quarter.  It’s funny how they hadn’t even taken a lead (yet) but Villanova started getting little breaks, like interceptions (my personal favorite) and picking up fumbles that then lead to even bigger plays.  My internet broke down when the score was tied and when I got back on it was 34-24….SFA didn’t have a chance!  VU cruised to a 54-24 win.

Very happy for the Nova team, and just a tiny bit sad for the SFA team.  They both played very hard.  The quarterback for SFA is a candidate for the Payton award and he almost doubled his stats for turnovers for the entire season in this game alone.  Wow, I am sounding like I know something about football!  Now Nova is off to Boone, NC for the quarterfinal round of playoffs!

In other really exciting sports news….

I had my first real deal kickboxing class yesterday! And man am I feeling it today.  It was a great workout – the class had varying levels of talent/ages/shapes/experience.  I definitely had the most sweat on the floor (sexy I know) and my coworker/manager-esque politely showed me that there was mop that you could use to clean up your sweaty-mess.  Thanks?!  I didn’t feel drop-dead fatigued at the end, but there were many times throughout the class when I was really pushing myself and I loved it.  After class the instructor complimented my work during the session.  Can’t lie, it feels good hearing you did something well!  I am all about positive encouragement!!

Actually that brings me to a good point what motivates you – the actual end game (point a to point b) or the recognition of effort? My sister asked me this very same question one point during college.  At the time I probably answered the former, because I thought it was very satisfying to see my points and wins go up (or weight go down).  However, now I would really lean towards the latter.  I can’t lie, I like to impress, I’m competitive, and I want to make sure someone knows about my efforts (and that can be my mom).  The satisfaction of getting recognition from a teammate or coach increases your buy-in to the effort, both mentally and physically.

Now that I don’t have a team around me I’ve been trying to manifest this feeling of recognition/purposefulness in my workouts – but let me tell you, the team of me, myself, and I isn’t quite the same as the connection you have with a group of people working towards one goal.  And maybe this kickboxing class is the kind of validation I need right now.

How do you feel about group classes?  Are you more motivated and competitive in them?

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