Mindful Eating: Part I

Today my daily challenge from MeYouthHealth was to put down your fork in between bites.  Well I did it for breakfast and then kind of lost sight of the whole idea. But all was not lost because I actually had somewhat of an ah-ha moment this afternoon.  While parousing through my google reader working diligently, I had a click go off in my head.  I’m *starting* to finally look at food in a way that will help me feel better.  Huh?   I do owe it to the November Challenge to start the process, even though I had my worst showing ever this year!

Let me explain:   It’s almost been 6 years since I started my “relationship” with weight watchers.  And so began this journaling.  Journaling to reach one goal – lose weight.  It didn’t matter how I may have felt after processed foods or so many fruits and vegetables that my stomach actually wanted to find a new owner.  Nope, it was just that little ticker on the bottom.  I was very religious for almost 2 years and then it began an on again off again type of thing.  Start the day off writing things down, do weird calculations in my head, and end up not keeping track and usually more frustrated than ever.  (This post by Katy hit pretty close to home ).

The November Challenge comes in when I chose to give up artificial sweeteners for my month-long challenge.  I did it, and I felt GOOD.  Like seriously, no stomach aches or head aches.  Hard to believe it right?  This means no Splenda or Diet Coke.  I also don’t eat processed foods (very often) or flavored yogurt or anything like that and hmm yep that makes me feel good too.  The crazier part is that I realized that foods actually do have an effect on my comfort level.  And many would say I eat a pretty healthy diet, but even within that not everything works.  So I’ve started this new journaling and it’s almost strange how easy it is for me.  I’m writing down what I eat and how I feel afterwards.  I’ve read about stuff like this before, but until I saw this awesome effect of cutting out the splenda, I’m starting to actually believe in it.

Now, don’t think I’m a saint here.  I mean my notes from Saturday when I wasn’t top of my game included a funfetti cupcake, a slice of pizza and some weird blueberry soda-ish beer with 8% alcohol.  Not going out on a limb to say that probably wasn’t the best combo.  But it’s almost like an experiment.  Trying to see what will make me feel the absolute best.  When I was making my green monsters I felt like I had a ton of energy in the mornings, now my oats in the morning are the perfect comfy (can a food be comfy?) breakfast food that doesn’t weigh me down.  I think those mindful people were on to something….

Have you guys had any food “ah ha” moments?  Do you write what you eat down?

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