Christmas Workout

This is supposed to be my holiday decorating post but let’s get some workout on here.  My most favorite thing about the holidays is being around so many people that don’t have to be anywhere (or at least too many places)!  Sounds original right? What’s also fun is doing different workouts while I’m home.  I usually make a visit to No Limits Fitness, go running with my sister or my dear friend Em, and when Bill’s around I usually drag him with me too!

So what better workout than a Christmas Bootcamp workout?! Yep, sounds about right.  So family beware- this is coming your way on Christmas day……(courtesy of Fit Sugar)


  1. Start in a kneeling position on the ground and jump up to your feet. Then, jump in the air and bring your knees to your chest. Do this 10 times.
  2. Time for sprints! Do one 100-meter sprint followed up by one 200-meter sprint and then one 400-meter sprint. This is easiest if done on a track as it’s already measured out for you.
  3. You’ll need a partner for this exercise: One person does 50 full sit-ups (not crunches) while the other plants her hands on the feet and steadies herself in a plank position. Switch positions and repeat.
  4. Do 50 push-ups. If you must, do them on your knees and try not to take rest breaks.
  5. Finally, gear up by marching high knees for 30 seconds. Back it up with butt kicks on the way back.
  6. Do this whole routine three times with water breaks in between.


fit sugar











There are a few catches with this really working in Albany.  Hopefully there will be SNOW on the ground, which makes running on the track quite tricky.  There is one at the Y – so maybe that will work.  Or perhaps this will be a NJ New Years workout.  Either way I like it and I like that you have to do it with a partner.  Let me know if you try it!

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