festive food find

In true Foley fashion, yesterday (December 18th) I started my Christmas shopping.  I was pretty successful too!  I’m glad I decided to wait till yesterday.  My original plan was to go after my office Christmas party….luckily one of my co-workers advised me that going shopping with a little bit of  Christmas bonus and  Christmas buzz was not exactly the ideal condition for buying presents.  So I waited it out and set out to Burlington Mall yesterday.

Anyways, shop shop shop  – deal deal deal – eat eat eat.  Here is what I came up with:


Any guesses as to what this is?  Nothing but a Christmas Crepe.  Actually it was a spinach crepe filled with greens, tomato, mozzerella and a pesto sauce.  Not bad, not great and none of the *effects* of food court chinese.  And that I can handle!

Off to round 2 of holiday shopping…here goes!


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2 responses to “festive food find

  1. Oh my goodness, what an adorable way to make a crepe! So seasonal and the ingredients sound to die for!

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