Top 5 places to Shop for Tall Girls

Yesterday while googling for “Wedding Dresses + Tall” (I can’t help myself!)  I found this website –  Ahhhhh!! A great resource for the umm modern? tall girl.  I highly recommend it and will add it to my list of daily reads.

The following is my tried and tested best list of places to shop for a tall girl like myself.  I’m also on the lookout for a feminine ski jacket that will fit.  I realized that with my current gear I lack really any identity/shape/fashion (but not lacking warmth!), and you can only see my eyes.  So if it means I’m getting a bright pink jacket – so be it. Any suggestions please let me know!

1. Nordstrom Rack – shoe heaven for those with size 11+ shoe.  I hunt these stores down and get some great stuff.  Remember this outfit?  All from Nordstrom Rack.

All from Nordstrom Rack2. Banana Republic – Women’s Tall Section — pants with 36″ inseam? perfect!  And they always have some great sales.  Just looking at their site now reminds me I really really really need some new suits for work.

3. Gap – Tall:  Same fam as BR as you know, but I usually have great luck with their online store.  They have  a size, Extra long, that makes me laugh.

4. BarefootTess – another online shoe website, with awesome shoes, great sales, and the largest selection you’ll find for size 11+.  If only this existed, or I knew it existed in middle school oh how things would have been different.

5.  Long Tall Sally – at first I was a little sketched out by the name, but I continue to be impressed by their magazine.  They also have some great sales too!

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