what do you say

Alright 2011, let’s do this thing.

  1. Run a Marathon.  Signed up today for the Chicago Newsletter that will officially announce when the registration period is open.
  2. Reduce eating out while @ work.
  3. No cheap chicken.
  4. Increase readership by 100% (you’ve got to start somewhere right?)
  5. Fit inside my skinny jeans.  Both skinny style and what I wore when I was a tad bittt skinnier :-)
  6. Be clever and creative in wedding planning
  7. Hold a plank for 2 minutes
  8. say yes….to the dress and to life!
  9. Get promoted
  10. Do something unexpected.

What are your goals?  Have you seen other resolutions that have really inspired you?

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One response to “what do you say

  1. Missy Miss

    Why no mention of treadmills or candy/hanger canes? Or will that fit into the unexpected??? Marathon – fun!

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