essential ski attire

Now that I’ve officially stated that Christmas is over, it’s time to buckle down and enjoy the rest of winter.  It’s cold and dark (but getting lighter each day!) and there’s a whole lot of grey around.  However, the coziness that a ski chalet brings keeps me coming back for more.  Nothing better than sitting with your freezing hands around a super warm fire enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while you take off your boots.  Now, you must ski or wear REALLY uncomfortable shoes in the cold in order to really capitalize on this feeling.

In order to insure the happiest of times you must be warm while skiing.  Absolute essentials are:

  • baselayers.  I used to wear long johns, white ones that did keep me very warm but were mens,i.e., really really really ugly.  I am proud to say men’s long johns no more – over Christmas I traded in my should-have-gave-this-to-you-before-you-went-skiing-and-bought-one second helmet for some sweet under armour cold gear.
  • ski socks.  You don’t know what you’re missing until you have ski socks.  They appear to be on the thin side of socks, but if you buy the proper kind (I have Spyder) the socks are made of wicking material and cushion in all the right places.  Please see above comment about releasing your feet from hell.  (Maybe I need some new boots?)
  • mittens.  some may argue that gloves are better, but I’m a firm believer in keeping my digits as close to each other as possible.  Not only does your hand give off heat that your fingers could and should enjoy, if you do need a hand warmer why not share the wealth with the tips?
  • helmet.  This is relatively new to my checklist.  Bill and I decided that it was worth it to splurge on things that protect, oh you know your BRAIN, rather than cheap out.  I strongly recommend buying them at a place OTHER than a mountain, where prices are about $20 bucks more than in a sporting goods store.  Besides the obvious benefit of protecting your head, the helmet is super warm and has cushions around your ears.  This does make wearing a hat next to impossible but turtle fur does the trick.  Just be ready for a quick swap once you take off your helmet.
  • a jacket.  sigh.  I am need of a warm, functional, feminine ski jacket.  still searching… There is a sale on North Face for 30% off at Hilton Tent City, just not sure if I can handle 70% of the retail price at the current moment!

It goes without saying that you also need pants.  Jeans are not snowpants.  I’ve substituted black workout pants in warm weather and other warm-up types of clothes from college basketball.  Really the most important part is the base layer.

I can’t wait to go skiing again!  Can you tell?

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