don’t knock Gnocchi!

Last night a few of my friends tried Tasca in Brighton.  It was more like walking into a teleportal to Tenerife Spain!  

The place seriously reminded me of my favorite dinner with my Mom in Santa Cruz.  I will have to find the pictures, even before the blogging days I’m almost positive that I took a picture of our meal there.

A few in the group didn’t really get the idea of tapas, and thought they were getting a $6 meal, when it came out they said “I feel like I’m on Gulliver’s Travels” (that also came out a few times tonight…low ceilings, tall girls, it happens).

I had one tapa – a grilled brie, even with my holiday OD on baked brie, I was excited about a grilled option.  I also ordered an entree of Gnocchi.  OH MY GOD.  A picture really wouldn’t do it justice.  Must learn how to make those.

We had a great time catching up and I did get to talk a little bit about our engagement story :-)  My friends were impressed that I wasn’t crazy with all details planned already.  Maybe I should get on it?  Repeat after me: I will not make my wedding teal, I will not make my wedding teal, I will not make my wedding teal….

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