Nails & Halfs

After Bill proposed, I came to the realization…I need a manicure!  So I coerced Emily to go with me to a local nail place.  Jack’s Nails gives incredibly good (if not a bit too long) pedicures, so we thought it would be a good place.  I decided at the last-minute to get gel nails.

To me, I can’t keep a manicure for more than 2 days so this offered a slightly pricier alternative.  For those of you who don’t know what a gel manicure is (not sure if that’s the name myself).  The beauty of this is it should last for 3 weeks!  I am exactly two weeks in and I’ve just got one finger that’s chipping – a record in my opinion!

So aside from creepy hand pictures my thoughts are:

  • practically maintenance free pretty nails (+)
  • my nails are growing the longest they’ve been because they’ve got the strong gel layer on top (+)
  • the colors are limited, don’t expect to have the hundreds of options of your usual mani (-)
  • my nails also are growing, and you can see that in the picture above – so while it’s great that they can last for 3 weeks I am due for a fill in (-)
  • I have no idea how I’m going to get this stuff off!  (HELP!)

For the second part of this post:  I need a half marathon for Spring 2011.  In a warm, preferably resort-ish area with a lot of people.  Suggestions?!


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