3 Things About Yourself

What are three things that everyone you know, knows about you?  Is it your values? Passions? Hobbies? Character? Brattiness?  That you don’t like cheese?  That you like the Victorian age? hmm?

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, some people wear pasta-sauce covered watches.  I wear teal.

Last night I had asked my sister to review a piece of writing and she gave me good feedback, “I have no idea who you are in this”.  Which got to me to thinking, of course I want people to know who I am – but what it is it about me that I want them to know the most?

1.  I really really like being on a team.  I loved it growing up with sports, loved it in college, and I would even venture so far that it is what keeps me going at work.  I like the feeling of being in something together and being able to help others with the talents I bring to the table.

2.  I like being active and challenging myself to be a better, healthier person each day.

3. I care about others.  This may seem kind of wishy-washy, but it’s the truth.  I’m a sensitive girl and I need to take care of my peeps.

Now I’m not sure if these are the 3 top things other people would know about me.  I’m guessing one of those might be, she’s tall (hey can’t fight that one!) or she walks really fast and maybe she doesn’t always think before she speaks (yelling out STDs during Catchphrase at in-laws?) yikes.  Yes, these things are true.  However, that’s obviously not what I’m going to highlight to others as I try to get from here…to there….

What are three things people should or do know about you?

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