civil war actors, hot buns, and orchids

Today was my first day at looking at venues!! Exciting!! It became pretty clear though that this time of year is definitely off-peak time for venues, so that means some pretty odd peeps are hanging around.

First, we saw civil war re-enactors practicing in a super old school house.

Even though our wedding is going to be in the Spring, everything looked pretty magical with the snow covered grounds.

After our 9:15 appointment, we had to stop and review over some hot drinks.  Here I am gathering some pros and cons of the first venue.

Our next stop just blew us away….. really threw off my entire idea of a wedding (so far).  All in a good way though!  Here is a glimpse of the room.
There is still a TON to consider about this place and of course the wedding in general.  As if the room wasn’t beautiful enough they were baking these while we had our appointment.
oh my lord.  Tom, the owner of the space, ran out of the door when we left bringing us a fresh bag of these.  If this was his plan, to take over my mind through freshly baked bread, well damn it might just have worked. And our last stop of the day was a place near and dear to my heart.  Again, there isn’t a whole lot going on in the venue rentals this time of year up here, so it allows orchid groups to come and have meetings. Yes, orchid groups.  I think they were judging each other’s orchids. Hm.  These are nice though…. 


Sitting here realizing this was a pretty ridiculous day and I’m a little overwhelmed.  Going to try to tackle a polyvore to get some ideas out there.  No work on Monday!!

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