6 degree workout

I knew I should have taken more advantage of our 20 degress temperature yesterday!  Today it is back down to the single digits.  Although it’s a blue blue sky, it’s absolutely freezing.  So I improvised.  This is a no excuse workout and it gets you sweaty in no time.

What you need: pack of cards, clear space (sneakers optional! see no excuses)

How it works:  Assign a move or are to each suit of cards.  For today I used the following:

Hearts- squat thrusts or burpies, Spades – push ups, Diamonds- crunches, Clubs- squats.  You go through the whole deck doing the excersises based on what card you pull from the deck.  Here is my no excuses gym:

Lucky for me all of the hearts seemed to be grouped together so I worked up a sweat VERY quickly!  I love this workout, have done it since college when the occasion calls for it.  Obviously you can use any combination of moves.  I like to try to combine something that gets your heart rate up, this time squat thrusts, but it could also be jumping jacks, jumprope, running man, football footfires or anything.  When you do substitute the jumprope or jumping jacks, I would do 10 secs x the card amount, i.e., two of hearts would be twenty seconds of jump-roping.

Do you have any no excuses workouts?

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  1. That looks like a great workout! I will have to try that.

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