foley fiesta

Saturday was spent looking at:

(Which comes with a FREE SUBSCRIPTION when you buy the wedding issue! )

and….the book that weighs 30 lbs….

I’m still thinking about the venue, I need some creative ways to make a ballroom less formal and then I will be sold, but until then – sorry friends and family, you will have to listen to me deliberate.

Aside from browsing the magazines all afternoon, Aniela and I prepared a Mexican feast for the family!  We got marinated lime-chipotle chicken from whole foods, corn tortillas (didn’t realize they were different from Flour ones), ingredients for guac and chips, grilled orange and yellow peppers and onions, and our take on a mexican cous cous.

The recipe for this easy cous-cous was cook about 2 servings of cous cous regularly, then add about a cup of black beans, a cup of corn, diced Habanero pepper, diced red onion, and juice of a lime, and cilantro to liking.  We added some salt because it tasted pretty bland at first but it was a hit!

Football today and sadly we have NO leftovers from our party!  Except…hopefully… our seven layer bars.  Something tells me they didn’t last through the night, but I’m not pointing fingers.

A post on hot yoga coming up!

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