Review: Crazy Sexy Diet

Have I said I love my kindle? I love my Kindle.  I’ve been reading at least an hour a day on the train which makes the trip go buy so fast.  I saw a post on Rachel Wilkerson’s blog about her kindle and how she loves it except that you can’t tell how many pages (in real life form) are left in the book.  I chose the longest book that Amazon sells – “The Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett to start my Kindle off.  Well, a full 38 days later (keep in mind consistent long reading) and I’m a whopping 64% completed.

What was amazing ? When I realized, while reading said long book, oh my god! I can buy another book immediately and read that in the middle of reading the other one!  Sayy whatt?  So, seeing that Crazy Sexy Diet as featured on the Fitnessista, I wanted to give it a shot.  The writer, Kris Carr, is known for her documentary on TLC “Crazy Sexy Cancer”.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28, while she was an actress in NYC.  Seemed unlikely, but she made some HUGE adjustments to her diet/lifestyle and is living a very happy and healthy life now.

The book stresses:

  • Raw, green foods
  • a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle
  • warns against the “Standard American Diet” – affectionately known as SAD
  • breaks down digestion and how living green foods are easier to digest for your body, and lets your body use that extra energy (not used on digesting food) for doing other things, like metabolizing and glowing and protecting your body from infections
  • Alkaline foods!  This is one of the major points of the book duh!  The “Crazy Sexy Diet” recommends having a 60/40 blend or even 80/20 blend of alkaline foods to acidic.  Acidic environments throw your body off, so the more alkaline foods the better.  Here’s a good list of alkaline and acidic foods.
  • juices and smoothies!!  I know how good I felt drinking green monsters this summer, and I have been using the excuse that my living situation doesn’t allow for waking up the house with a blender at 5:10 AM.  So I found this amazinggrass green superfood that I have started mixing with water in the mornings at work.  So far no looks for this very forrest green drink (I will try to get a picture tomorrow).  And honestly, it feels really good to start a day with something so healthy. 
  • Dry brushing, yoga, meditating, MOVING  — all things that should be incorporated into your every day life. 

Overall the book was very positive.  One thing she said was “if not now, then when? if not you, then who?”.  Also she suggested finding a picture of your 5 year old self and putting it in a place you see, and asking yourself would you treat that little girl like the way you treat yourself?   

I have already referenced this book a few times when things come to mind.  That’s the other thing that’s amazing about the Kindle, I can just flip flop between books as much as I want!   But back to the book, I’m trying to incorporate the alkaline/acid balance in my foods and stay away from meats unless I know they’re good, as well as the new juicing problem solver.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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