CSD in Action

So some of you may have read my review on the Crazy Sexy Diet where I alluded my new juices/shakes in the morning that I am trying to incorporate in my daily routine.  Well my friends, the wait is over, here are some promised pictures of my juice-shake!

Items starting top Right:  Amazing Grass super food juice, sliced apple,  au bon pain oatmeal w/ raisins and almond slivers and cinnamon.  Qualifier:  I usually make my own oatmeal each day at the office but today I ran out!  So I snagged some at ABP.  Doesn’t that just look so delicious?  :-) 

I’ve had the juice each work day for a week and now it actually tastes good.  I do feel good about myself when I drink, except I have a paranoia with having green powder on my face from drinking it.

So, does this appeal to you?  Or is the green color too gross? Let me know!

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