Wedding Wednesday: Update #1

For this wedding Wednesday I have few updates, but lots of excitement!  Maybe it’s because my fiance is coming to town this weekend and I haven’t seen him in over a month?!  Our wedding planning is starting to take shape.  If you recall we visited three very different places and then two weeks ago my mom, sister and niece and nephew visited the place of my dreams….

Yup, a barn.  And it doesn’t smell like poop!  I guess that’s a good thing to cross off your list while searching for a wedding venue.  But look at this beautiful house too

It is just such a special place.  I can imagine us getting married there, dancing our butts off, eating some cake, and then settling down and raising a family in that house…..a girl can dream…. Anyways, I do love this venue, and I hope we can make it official soon.  Once we set the date things are going to get real.  I love it!

Yup, I’m ready to move in right now!


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