Pre-Marathon Training aka Get in Shape

I’ve signed up for a marathon, now what?!  The Chicago Marathon is on Columbus Day Weekend = seems like very far away.

I am going to use Hal Higdon’s Novice Training Schedule.  Interesting enough, the Chicago Marathon is often the first marathon for many of the runners.  I think we will be in good company!

Working backwards from R-day, official training begins in June.  To get in optimal shape for the training and to minimize injuries, these next 4 months are going to be a combination of running/cross-training and strength training.  I am aiming for:

  • 12-15 miles each week until March 31st
  • 15-25 miles each week April-June
  • 3 days a weeks of jumping and strength training – at least 1-2 interval workouts included
  • 1 official yoga class a week
  • hydrate
  • eat more raw foods and make smoothies/shakes
  • create a way to share training experience/virtual training with Em!
  • save money to get me to R-day!
  • plan a wedding :-)


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