i <3 Boston

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!  I had a fabulous weekend. There really is no other way to describe the good eats, the good friends, laughs and great news we got this weekend!  My picture taking was quite minimal but there are a few highlights:

Before dinner at the South End Buttery (our first of 2 stops there over the weekend).  I was disappointed because we were seated in the cafe section of the restaurant, and when I sneaked downstairs for the new seating area – cozy with a fireplace and all- I felt we had been a little let down.  Other than that, our food was really good.  We started with Mussels in a tomato/garlic broth.  WARNING:  Garlic cloves kind of look like muscles….make sure there’s a little juice in your mussel before you eat it!  Bill had to learn the hard way!

Saturday we went to Stephi’s on Tremont.  This place opened literally the weekend I moved out of the South End, so a year and a half later I’m back!  I was very please when Bill gave me the booth seat that let me watch the restaurant AND the crowds walking by….but I should have known he had his own agenda as well…unfortunately  doesn’t actually show Wisconsin upsetting #1 Ohio State during our lunch date ;-).

I ordered the Roasted Chicken Waldorf Sandwhich, it was very tasty – had big chunks of chicken and grapes, served on multigrain bread with a tasty salad on the side.

Saturday night we met up with friends at Jacob Wirth’s.  I tried Clown Shoe Clementine beer.  I may have tried 3 of the clownshoe clementine beers :-)  It was a fun night with good friends, and we were celebrating! I ordered a very German Cobb Salad…. wasn’t great, but I wasn’t too focused on the food…may have been the amazing warm pretzels and dipping sauce we got first!  Here’s an awkward picture of the “girl table” .

Do you see how we had two rounds pushed together to form an 8 top??  Not possible.  We all had a great time, but it was a bit hard to hear what the guys were talking about at their end and introduce new friends to old ones! Lesson learned though, demand the long table at Jacob Wirth’s! (Or insist on boy girl boy girl seating circa 3rd grade)

Our other fabulous news is that Bill is moving back up here!!  Patience is a virtue…and all of our waiting and hard work is coming together.  Apartment Hunters?  Our First Place? Property Virgins?  HGTV, CALL ME!!

I also touched base with my virtual marathon training buddy…. we will have an update/plan in the coming weeks.  Em you want to do a guest post?!

Wishing you lots of love and happiness xoxo

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