Lowell Lunch: Life Alive

Like “L”‘s much?  Yesterday my friend and I went to Lowell.  I had gone over Thanksgiving on a hot chocolate hunt and was impressed by the historical architecture and artsy vibe of the downtown area.  Huge textile mills, cobblestone streets and old churches are pretty cool to me!

We went to lunch at Life Alive.  I had heard of this place at my Kickboxing class and put at the top of my list, and a few months later I found an excuse and a willing friend to go with me.  Lowell itself was absolutely deserted.  Not a soul around.  It appeared, however, that everyone in the town was in this particular restaurant though!  We got the last available table and it was awesome. I ordered their Suri Poet Salad — apples, craisins, cashews, red-lentil hummus, and greens in some kind of vinaigrette dressing.  (Also 5 chocolate covered almonds to share for dessert).

This is very sadly, my ONLY picture from our trip.  I actually used my Mac to take a picture of the meal, because I left my camera at home. The best camera is the camera you have on you right?!

Go to Life Alive!


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