How to Boil an Egg

How do you boil an egg?  Please? First my eats of the day:

Oatmeal, with diced apples, almonds, and chia seeds.

Lunch: Salad with hardboiled eggs (attempted hardboiled eggs), random potatoes that I found in the fridge and some corn.  I also had half a piece of Cosi wheat bread to accompany the salad.

A big meeting let out in the afternoon and I did fall for some break room snackage.  There was granola (pictured) and some cut up fruit.  Somehow a tagalong also made it’s way to my desk!

Dinner: Pasta with sausage served over a bed of spinach.  I also had 2 pieces of french bread with this.  And treated myself to a little kettlecorn popcorn after.

I also had a small pear today.  It’s kind of weird to me to put this all out there, I guess looking at it I had a lot of carbs and didn’t use any traditional plates.  I’d say the carbs is a more detrimental issue than the plates, so I’ll focus my efforts there.
So — how do you boil an egg?
My method last night: place eggs in pot, cover with water, heat to boil, take off and let sit.  (forgot to add SALT, so when peeling the shells off, I peeled most of the egg off as well)
eHow: put eggs in pot, cover with water, no salt, bring to boil for 3 minutes, take off heat and put on cover and keep on for 8 minutes, run cold water over them, then put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour and they should peel easy!
How do YOU boil an egg?  Because I can poach ’em, but I can’t boil ’em and it makes me mad.

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