You can cook too?!

I like to cook, and have been looking forward to having a kitchen of my own that I could really get creative and healthy in for a long time.  I’ve got my cook books here and even transcribed some of my sister in laws greatest hits.  And I’ve made a few good things:

Stuffed peppers with brown rice, black beans, onions and feta.

Oven fried pork chop with fennel, cucumber and lemon salad.  The pork is in there I swear!

Enchiladas!  Missy do you miss these crazy plates?

Well these are three meals I’ve made and they were good, truth is –  Bill LOVES cooking and he’s really really good.  Better than I thought!  Right now I’m trying to find the balance between offering to cook to even out the work and then just totally sitting back and letting him Tyler Florence it up.  I know I will have plenty of time to cook once the season starts, so right now I’m going to enjoy and try not feeling guilty.

Hope you had a nice day!


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One response to “You can cook too?!

  1. Missy Miss

    Such memories with those plates! Although they were always filled with takeout food vs. the delicious meals you and Billy are making. :)

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