I joined a gym!

Well it’s been six months and the “appeal” of our gym in our building has gone with the birds, SOUTH.  Although the treadmill got me through about 60% of my marathon training, I’ve made the leap back into social working out. At the gym I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 uphill walking.  It was a little weird to have people around me also working out! Even though the gym had its fair share of muscle men, I was pleasantly surprised by the area for agility/cross-training/core work.  It was kind of cool, I must say.

So I didn’t make any new townie friends while I was there.  Kind of disappointing.  I did realize, however, that in my gym bag I packed the t-shirt I wore for Chicago with a subtle “KAITLIN” written across my chest.  You know some may say that this was an act of desperation to make new friends, or maybe an act of confidence like “you better know me”.  I’m happy to report that the results were inconclusive as to just how un-cool my t-shirt was.

Moral of the story: new gyms are good, friends might be there waiting…but next time I will leave the eponym shirt at home.




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