How to Boil an Egg

How do you boil an egg?  Please? First my eats of the day:

Oatmeal, with diced apples, almonds, and chia seeds.

Lunch: Salad with hardboiled eggs (attempted hardboiled eggs), random potatoes that I found in the fridge and some corn.  I also had half a piece of Cosi wheat bread to accompany the salad.

A big meeting let out in the afternoon and I did fall for some break room snackage.  There was granola (pictured) and some cut up fruit.  Somehow a tagalong also made it’s way to my desk!

Dinner: Pasta with sausage served over a bed of spinach.  I also had 2 pieces of french bread with this.  And treated myself to a little kettlecorn popcorn after.

I also had a small pear today.  It’s kind of weird to me to put this all out there, I guess looking at it I had a lot of carbs and didn’t use any traditional plates.  I’d say the carbs is a more detrimental issue than the plates, so I’ll focus my efforts there.
So — how do you boil an egg?
My method last night: place eggs in pot, cover with water, heat to boil, take off and let sit.  (forgot to add SALT, so when peeling the shells off, I peeled most of the egg off as well)
eHow: put eggs in pot, cover with water, no salt, bring to boil for 3 minutes, take off heat and put on cover and keep on for 8 minutes, run cold water over them, then put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour and they should peel easy!
How do YOU boil an egg?  Because I can poach ’em, but I can’t boil ’em and it makes me mad.

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tightening the belt

I’ve got a lot on my mind these days.  Getting married! yay! Finding an apartment with Bill! Saving money to pay for said wedding and apartment! Looking good, real good,  for the big day!  Many more things (job? real estate? marathon?) but I won’t bore you with the details.

Valentine’s Day flowers still blooming, I’ve been pruning them too to keep ’em looking lively :-)

Anyways, March is the month of saving – money and calories.  Here are my eats for the day:

Oatmeal with an apple and chia seeds

Salad mix with tuna fish, feta, and corn… the combo of feta and corn was really good!  Tuna, not so much.

Snack: Nature’s Valley Bar Peanut Butter Bar… not a fan, I left my trailmix in the car this morning so it was the best our vending machine could offer.

Dinner: Asian turkey meatball things? With rice and shredded carrots.  I can’t remember what exactly was in the meatballs, but  they had a chewy tang that was delish! An apple on the side, and a test of one of the hardboiled eggs I cooked up for the week. I made a small bowl of the mix above and might just take an extra meatball for lunch tomorrow.

Not pictured: slice of bread with tbs of peanut butter.  I have this before I walk out the door in the morning.  It’s probably too much to have each morning, but I feel like I need to have something in my stomach before I get on my commuter rail.  Any suggestions?

Workout today: 30 minutes on the elliptical (blah) I did 15 minutes worth of 15 sec super hard and 45 secs more catch up at level 12.  I worked up a sweat but it wasn’t what I was hoping for today.

On my kindle right now: Smart Women Finish Rich.  I feel like my brain is on overload, but I kind of like it.

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jiminy peak ski day 2

On the road again!  We celebrated a very special someone’s big day.

We had a great day on the slopes.  It was actually my second workout of the day because I went to zumba in the morning!!  I thought I was attending a class with a crazy good dance instructor, but, to my surprise the substitute for yesterday’s class was a 60-year old, rather heavy-set woman.  IT WAS AWESOME.  seriously, she rocked it.  If a 60 year old can get me pumped about dancing, then I’ll add that class to my agenda.

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Room for improvement

Things I’m working on:

  • blogging more….
  • getting rid of this cold
  • getting up in time for the gym in the morning
  • making decisions
  • budgeting
  • keeping perspective
  • defining my goals and my values
  • getting in shape for my marathon!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Lowell Lunch: Life Alive

Like “L”‘s much?  Yesterday my friend and I went to Lowell.  I had gone over Thanksgiving on a hot chocolate hunt and was impressed by the historical architecture and artsy vibe of the downtown area.  Huge textile mills, cobblestone streets and old churches are pretty cool to me!

We went to lunch at Life Alive.  I had heard of this place at my Kickboxing class and put at the top of my list, and a few months later I found an excuse and a willing friend to go with me.  Lowell itself was absolutely deserted.  Not a soul around.  It appeared, however, that everyone in the town was in this particular restaurant though!  We got the last available table and it was awesome. I ordered their Suri Poet Salad — apples, craisins, cashews, red-lentil hummus, and greens in some kind of vinaigrette dressing.  (Also 5 chocolate covered almonds to share for dessert).

This is very sadly, my ONLY picture from our trip.  I actually used my Mac to take a picture of the meal, because I left my camera at home. The best camera is the camera you have on you right?!

Go to Life Alive!

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wedding wednesday: lady with a twist

Many of you have already heard about the new Anthropologie wedding shop — BHLDN (beholden).   I love it all! Besides from the gorgeous dresses….(which will not be pictured here in detail! ;-))  They have bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

There is also an “explore” feature.  Where you answer 5 questions and they peg you as a certain type of bride.  Mine was Lady with a Twist.  Maybe I’m lovestruck, but I kind of think that is straight on for me.


Updates:  Bill is within an hour away in approx 36 hours. awesome.

Operation Get in Shape: 2 runs so far this week, and they felt great!  Tomorrow I need to get my jumping in ;-)

Part II of get in shape – Eating: have you noticed most of my pictures, here, here and here are breakfast?  Yeah.  It starts healthy and then gradually declines…..need to get this in line!

(*all images taken from

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