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fresh start – sorry 4HB

Starting a post after the “4HB all or nothing” is not exactly ….easy.  Have I followed the 4HB since that post? I’ll go with maybe a few days.  It’s not that I don’t think it’s do-able, but I started with force and then fizzled out.  So to all you other 4 hour body followers, I have seen other’s results that are promising, but um commitment to it is the *key* word. Well officially starting on June 6th – Em and I (and hopefully my sister) will begin training for the Chicago Marathon!

The past month has been filled with a lot of exciting changes and I really don’t think I could be happier.

First dinner – eating on plastic bins, these were taco lettuce wraps.

Aniela came to see our place — we have since switched the layout so now the tv is in front of the windows.  It’s from a practical, sport viewing perspective, if we have it the way pictured above – the glare is awful.  It took a while for me to get used to, but I don’t mind it now, it’s nice and cozy.

HC Alumni Hockey game — it wouldn’t be football without cold rainy weather :-)

New j-o-b!

Not pictured:  Greek Easter at Bill’s YiaYia’s with my parents!  First wedding at Holy Cross – St. Joseph’s Memorial Chapel.  First Marlborough neighborly dinner – more details to follow. Ella’s First Communion. Lots of firsts and lots more to come.


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On to the next one

Villanova upset the #1 seeded Appalachian State today!  I can’t believe it.  I ended up driving home to watch the game with my dad.  Things were looking really good and then my nephew showed up, I was a little nervous that this change in viewership might change the momentum of the game, but, luckily VU wouldn’t be effected by the arrival of not just one but 3 other fans during the game.


we tried to see how close we could sit to each other for the entire game, fun!


Times like these when you win by a lot makes superstitions seem crazy, but the second things start going south – there’s always some other thing to blame.  Now Nova is headed to Eastern Washington University in Spokane, WA!  They play Friday night for the Semi-finals!!!




After Villanova sealed the deal we did a little Christmas decorating for my parents.  This year they bought a joke of a tree (super small in a huge ceiling-ed room).  It will definitely be a tree to remember.

Then we went to Mangia’s restaurant.  This is one of the main reasons anyone comes home to Slingerlands…







Mangia’s also owns Bountiful Bread in Albany and they make THE BEST rolls in the 518.  Highly recommend it!

I enjoyed a selection of everyone else’s meals because my salad was too drenched in creamy dressing for my liking.  Tasted like a big glob of Coleslaw.  When we got home we feasted on Ella’s special “mini apple pies”.  I will post this recipe in the future.

And for breakfast this morning…








My dad had made waffles and I sauteed a green pear in cinnamon, a little bit of butter and sugar.  








Now it’s off for shopping on this cold and rainy day.  Hopefully we are only people with this great idea.


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