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it’s getting real: garmin purchase

I bought a Garmin 110 yesterday!  It’s a watch that allows you to track all sorts of information about your runs…speed, splits, distance, time (duh), elevation, heart rate, etc.  After an exciting day at work yesterday (oddly that’s not sarcastic), I stopped in at R.E.I.  – which is a co-op and has some sweet offers for members (super cheap tent rentals and ski tune ups) – and was browsing the watches.  The 110 was on sale from $199 to $179, and it includes a Heart Rate Monitor strap.  The HRM was KEY for me recieving a 50% return courtesy of the j-o-b!

I charged the watch all last night and today, during my lunch break at home, went for a quick little run.  It was 3.2 down a new area that was mostly flat.  The major challenge was that it was about 90 degrees outside! I felt good and barely felt the HRM around my chest.

Here is my summary:

Time: 00:27:04
Distance: 3.20 mi
Elevation Gain: 120 ft
Calories: 77 C
Does anything shock you about that??  To me it was the 77 calories burned, WHAT?! 77 CALORIES??!  holy crap.  I’m not going to take this as total word…yet… because I was always under the impression that it was roughly 100 calories per mile.  Well that makes sense if I’ve been grossly overestimating my burn compared to my intake!  Will be interesting to see what it says tomorrow.
Can’t wait to use this thing again, and super happy that my company really promotes wellness and fitness (they actually produce a 270 pg marathon training diary)!
Happy Weekend-ing!

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