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town travels: good day cafe

Two weeks ago it was Life Alive in Lowell, this week it was  Good Day Cafe in North Andover.  Maybe it is my current obsession with loft apartments, old mills and old stuff, and this place fit right in!  Set in an old textile mill (as is the whole Merrimack Valley) the Good Day Cafe is bright and airy and really really tasty. 

Regret: limited pictures

Not a regret: having a bite of Bill’s donut muffin.  yum. (that thing evaporated, no chance to even take a picture!)

Menu: baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, soups, baked goods, teas, coffee, baked goods!

Bill and I both ordered breakfast bagels.

Whole wheat with an egg and cheddar cheese.  Yum!  There is just something so good about an egg on a bagel on a saturday morning.  Especially when accompanied by a big cup of coffee.

I can’t wait to go back to get a sandwich.  Also – if they need some extra help, I’ve made a latte before!


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